СНПЧ А7 Сургут, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

RamsGateTM is an Internet gateway for caching and sharing broadband connections in the SOHO environment, with optional content filtering and access control module. It is a x86 based embedded system running Squid 3.x web proxy cache on top of our FreeBSD based IxOs TCP stack. It supports up to 64 PCs. It reduces the time required for opening web pages using mainly the following three technique:

  • DNS caching -- virtually remembers the IP address of all sites you visite and keep them for all subsequent access,
  • Page caching -- bitmaps like logos and some times the whole page of site if it is static are kept in this device so data transfer time will be greatly reduce, and
  • Blacklist blocking -- a great amount of online ads will be blocked out of your electric door to the net

AnchorPointTM adds a HTTP web server and intranet file sharing feature to the RamsGate box. So a SOHO user with broadband connection gets instant web presence with full control of own box but without paying the monthly web hosting fee.