Divide et impera is the top most strategy employed by ixwin for our domain analysis and system design.

Such strategy leads naturally to the paradigm of the separation of concerns. That sets the foundation for all our core business expertise.

  • ApesBridgeTM is the connector binding the separated parts. It is one of key enabler/components designed and developed by IxWin, which is the best answer to the following question: to web or not to web.

    ApesBridge is an Application Life Cycle controller which runs multiple console applications on either a desktop, or a web server. On the web server, it is implemented initially as a FastCGI adapter with user, session, and context management. That means: the application does not need to be web-aware for being a web-app if and only if it maintains its own state-machine and react to the user events passed to it by the ApesBridge. The user application runs as a back-end processor accepting requests from, and emitting responses to, the UI front-end. The primary data format for ApesBridge is JSOX.

  • JSOXTM stands for JavaScript Object eXtend. As of syntax, it is true JSON; as of power, it is equivalent to XML: ApeBridge contains an function which provides 1-to-1 round-trip mapping between XML nodes and JSOX objects for legacy applications requiring XML support.
  • IxWeb TMis the primary target server for ApesBridge. It is a custom build of the nginx web server for our IxOs optimized with multiple speed and speed improvments on top of all its glorious features.
  • IxOSTM is the name our custom build of FreeBSD 8.x which is handcrafted to drive all required bits and wires of the custom embedded system we ship. Such optimizations could be normally translated into 20% less cost in initial HW accusation and similar amount of savings for your from the electricity bill.